Sunday, August 8, 2010

2 Year Anniversary

2 yrs ago today was the day of Grayson's surgery. I will never forget that day, and even despite what I'm going through personally, nothing can compare to the fear and anxiety I had that day 2 yrs ago. Handing over my sweet 7 week old baby boy to the Dr's and waiting in the waiting room for the update on his surgery, and then seeing him in recovery, nothing compares to that day.

We made it through the day, and we've grown as a family from it, but the cries I heard that day from him, and the pain he had to go through gave us a bond that can not be described in words.

He's my sweet 2 yr old now. Most of the time anyways.... he has his moments, but he is honestly the sweetest baby boy you'll ever meet. He is learning new words every day, and there are days where I just scoop him up and hug him tight and kiss all over his cheeks because I can...because he's here and he's perfect.

His favorite shows are Mickey Mouse clubhouse, which he says "mow-mouse how-house" and Phineas and Ferb which he says "fub". He also loves the Little Einsteins, and Thomas the Train. One of his favorite characters is Lightning McQueen, which he calls "like-keen" and he loves to watch that movie.

He is completely potty trained. He basically did it himself, with just a little nudge from us. He loves to eat and his favorite foods are Macaroni and cheese which he used to just call "cheese", but now he calls "roni-cheese". He loves the Mickey mouse chicken nuggets we found from Costco and eats 7 at a time. He also loves cheeseburgers and tater tots or fries. If we are on the go and are forced to stop and get fast food (which we avoid at all costs) I ask him what he wants and he actually pretends like he is looking at the menu and says "sheebuger...tay-tots" or "sheebuger...fench fies". He is my "little dipper" because he loves to dip foods on ranch or ketchup. Sometimes, I'll give him a snack of Hummus and carrots and when he's done, all the carrots will be laying on the plate with residue all over them, but the hummus is gone because he just uses the carrots as a spoon and just eats the hummus...or ranch.

He is just such a smart little guy. He is constantly amazing us at the things he knows how to do. We certainly have been surprised on many occasions, like recently, he would take 2 cheetos, hold them up side by side and say "mommy, I make a "M" and eat them. Then hold up two more and say "mommy, I make a "E" and eat it.....then "mommy, I make a "D". I had NO IDEA he knew any letters. Not that he knows which letters they actually are, but he knows his letters, none the less. Yesterday, we told the kids to make sure they picked up their diving sticks before coming inside or next time Chris mowed they would be destroyed, and after bathtime, he saw the diving sticks still laying in the yard, and he went and picked up every single one of them and put them away without us even telling him. He is always telling his siblings "" or "bubba...sissy....keen up" and point to the toys (which he got out, but he makes sure they are cleaning them up....) He will spank the kids if they do something wrong (which we laugh about before telling him that he is NOT the boss) and the other day, Brayden was on the potty and so he went #2 in his little froggy potty and brought it into the bathroom and "emptied it" all by himself....into the sink...because the potty was being occupied. I had to laugh as Chris was cleaning that mess up. One of his favorite phrases is "me do it" and we let messy or as time consuming as it is.....because we love his independence.

He is our little stinker.

He is our little "June Bug"

He is our little man!

He is our perfect little angel in every way and we are so thankful that we have him. He makes our family complete.

Easter 2010....oops....

Doing what boys do best....


My sweet little angel face....

Easter morning, 2010, Had to ride his Spiderman 4-wheeler in his Easter outfit before going to church

Mommy's glasses...lookin' like Chicken Little

Yoda.... (Halloween 2009)

Christmas 2009....enough said...

Chris' birthday party January 2, 2010

Grayson at a 1950's dresss up party for his grandma Karan

Disney- June 2010

With his hero....Mow-Mouse

Blowing out candles with Daddy (Combo Birthday/Fathers Day 2010)

Waiting for his Birthday Cupcakes
He is growing up sooo fast.....


Amy said...

Aw! He is TOO cute! I was just thinking about y'all yesterday, when I was reading the Parade magazine in the paper. There was an article about a baseball player whose son was diagnosed with cranio & underwent surgery about 10 years ago. I'm so glad that he is doing so well!

MrsLaLa said...

He is adorable!

Your son's cranio-versary is five days before my daughters. August 13th.

Bryallen said...

Hi there. I'm not sure if you still use this blog but I was kind of hoping that this message would find its way into your e-mail or something.

I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Sarah and I'm 22 years old. I was born with sagittal craniosynostosis like your son. My father also had it and I have a 50% chance of passing it on. I had an extended strip caniectomy, where a large strip of skull was removed along the centre of my head, from front to back. I think this is different to the operation your son had.

My only "symptoms" now are a large scar running the length of my hairline and a small hole in the back of my skull on the right. The hole continued to shrink throughout my childhood and I had some pains with it aged about 13 where the skull was growing. I had a CT scan and everything was normal. A layer of cartilage and thick tissues had built up to cover the hole. They said that I could have a plate put in if I wanted, eg. if I was a professional rugby player I'd definitely need one! But other than that it's perfectly fine. It just feels a bit weird to touch.

I suppose I just wanted to share my story and let you know that everything will be fine, as I'm sure you have discovered on your own now. I didn't have any developmental issues; I graduated this summer with a First Class Bachelors degree in Biology and I'm hoping to continue my study with a PhD next year.

Hope everything is well with you, Grayson and the rest of your family. If you wanted to get in touch, my e-mail address is sarah.jose(at) :)

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lexapro birth defect attorney said...

Hy, I stumbled across your blog while doing some research on craniosynostosis. I was really touched by your posts. I wish you best of luck.

NewMama said...

My little girl was diagnosed official at 2 weeks. Although from day 1 they noted that something was a little off with her head. Same deal Sagittal Cranio, we had surgery at 6 months old and just celebrated her 1 year post surgery day. She got a little angle charm for her baby pandora bracelet because all of our angels came together that day to make she came back to us...Your son is awesomely handsome!!!

Unknown said...

Hi ive been looking to find people that have gone through the same thing I've went through with my son he had his surgery at 5 months because they didn't diagnose him until then but he also had sagital craniosyntosis. I've been trying to find kids that had the surgery but are adults or just older than he is to see how they look. My son s head looks alot better but you can still tell he has a different shaped head than most.