Friday, November 28, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving from our Little Turkey!!

This was Grayson's First Thanksgiving. Since he started on solids a few weeks ago, I decided to let him enjoy some Turkey and Sweet Potatoes for dinner. He LOVED them! We had my family over for Thanksgiving dinner and had fun as usual. When my family comes over, we have a HOUSE FULL! Since I have 6 siblings (some married with kids, some have significant others), and both of my parents are re-married, we had a total of 28 people here that day!

Kaylee made a pilgrim hat at school this week, so she enjoyed wearing her pilgrim bonnet. Brayden made an indian vest at school and was "Howling Coyote" for the day. (Then, he put on the bonnet too so I snapped a pic)

Kaylee and Grayson watched the parade that morning while we were preparing everything.

Grayson had his bath in the kitchen sink (something I wanted to do before he outgrew the sink) and then we took a few pictures together before everyone arrived.

The following day, we headed over to the in-laws for Thanksgiving dinner, again. Grayson practiced sitting up with pillows around him. He had fun and sat there for a while before toppling over. We had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed all the company. It was good to see all the family again and spend time with everyone.

I am thankful for my family.
I am thankful for my healthy kids!
I am thankful for teachers!
I am thankful for my Husband!
I am thankful for sweet potatoes with marshmallows!
I am thankful for macaroni and cheese!
I am thankful for Chick Fila! (I am hungry, can you tell?)
I am thankful to be alive and well!
I am thankful for neurosurgeons and modern technology.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fairy Tale Friday ~ "Pinkalicious"

Kaylee had a book fair at her school all week. Thursday night, we got to go to her school to buy books. Yes, we were allowed to go spend money on more books 'cuz we just didn't have enough already.... Her and I went, and she made mouse cookies (her class book was "if you give a mouse a cookie") and we picked a book from the library to purchase. She chose "PINKALICIOUS".....go figure. Her reason... "pink is my favorite color".

So, if any of you with young girls have not yet read this book- GO BUY IT!!! It is the cutest story about a little girl who is helping her mom make cupcakes. She of course wants to ice them with pink icing. "Pink, Pink, Pink" were her exact words. So, they make the pink cupcakes and she eats one, then another, then another. She offered one to her brother, who didn't want it, so she ate his too. She woke up the next morning and was pink! Her mom took her to the doctor who told her to eat nothing but green stuff all day. She didn't listen, and she ate woke up the next morning and was RED. So, she knew what she had to do. She ate green all day and when she woke up the following morning, she was back to her normal color. But, the cupcakes were all gone. Her dad asked her where they were and all the sudden her little brother appeared (and was all pink) and said "Pink-A-Boo". Ok, so that was a short version, from memory, so I hope I got it all right.

So, today was character dress up day at Kaylee's school. Who did she choose to be?????

Yep, she was Pinkalicious! (And she posed herself and actually said "mom, that was my pose")

Chris asked me where I got the pink for her face, and I responded "in my makeup I don't ever wear" and he said "I can see why you don't ever wear it" HAHAHA.

Oh, and by the way, this pink hairspray you get from walmart..... turns your boogers pink. Just in case you were wondering.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Grayson is sitting up!

Grayson is now sitting up with support. I know, I know, ALREADY? That's what I thought too. So, we figured it was about time to move him to the big bathtub. He LOVED it! He felt so big sitting in the bathtub by himself, just like his brother and sister does. (well, they don't use the baby tub inside of the big tub, but he doesn't know that)

He really enjoyed his bath. He kept looking at me and smiling and laughing out of sheer joy! He splashed, kicked, and at one point.....he made some bubbles with his butt.

I laughed when the bubbles rose to the surface. He wasn't quite sure what to think about that. Then he leaned forward and did it again! This boy farts like a grown man! He had a long continuous fart at dinner that we considered to be a 12 stepper, if he was walking. (To explain....a 12 stepper is how many steps you can take from beginning to the end of the fart while it was a LOOOOOONG fart)

Anyways, he enjoyed being a big boy in the bathtub. Time is going by way too fast! He will be 5 months old already on Thursday!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My house is DONE!!!

My house is FINALLY done!
This is a view of the sink and the new spot for the fridge at the end of that counter.

This is looking towards the back door. This is the biggest part of our kitchen. We got rid of our table and this is where we have our family dinners now.

This is taken from the back door looking towards the playroom.

From the corner of the kitchen/breakfast area looking towards the dining room.

This picture is taken from the hallway looking into the back yard. Our dining room table is on the right and the breakfast bar is on the left.

Looking towards the fireplace from the china cabinet.

This is a close up of the fireplace.

This is taken from the fireplace, looking into the kitchen and looking at the china cabinet.

Taken from the side window looking into the kitchen over the bar.