Monday, December 15, 2008

"Booger" vs. "Bugar"

How do you think it is spelled? I always thought it was spelled "Booger" until recently, I had 2 very dear people write me about various things and include the word spelled "bugar" (one was a teacher too, hehe). I started to doubt myself and my spelling abilities. For those who don't know, I am a spelling Bee NERD! I can usually look at a word and tell if it's spelled correctly. I know, some of you are wondering what the hell happens to my emails and such....I don't use spell check and I type faster than my brain can think sometimes. Anyways, doubting made me look it up on google to see how it is spelled.

According to Google and Wikipedia, the definition is:
Booger or Boogers may refer to:
Dried nasal mucus (colloquial)
Booger, a flavor of
Jelly Belly jelly bean of the BeanBoozled series
Boogers, a brand of malted milk balls covered in chocolate sold throughout North America

Is it just me, or is the sound of a booger flavored Jelly Bean really really gross? I thought we weren't supposed to eat boogers!!!

Another ironic point I found was that the first thing to pop up when you google "Bugar" is this from the urban dictionary:

bugar sugar
Slang term for cocaine.
Are you gonna snort any bugar sugar?

WHAT??? So, keep in mind next time you need to type something regarding boogers (as we all do so often) to spell it correctly or people might think you are referring to cocaine!

Sorry, this was too funny not to share.


Melissa said...

OKAY, I mispelled it, I got it! LOL!

marji said...

well, i think you can spell it either way, but i prefer "BUGAR". i first heard it when i was a child in the 1960s. i figured that since it rhymes with sugar, it must be spelled to match.
when my sons were little, i called them my little "sugar-bugars". i was horrified to hear that others used that term, & it was drug-related x^b

Star mama said...

Omg! Too funny. Was texting kids and of course stupid auto correct was 0 help, so I googled. Thanks for the help, lol!

Star mama said...
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